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For Age
0-1 years
1-2 years

Product Name : Fisher-Price Musical Pop-Up Eggs
Brand :
Product Code : TM5
Gender : Boy,Girl
Product Description : The Fisher-Price Musical Pop-Up Eggs are so full of energy that the child automatically picks up the various kinds of movements. By just a flip of the on/off switch, the Fisher-Price musical toys are activated, the characters pop up and the music begins. The eye-hand coordination is enhanced in the child with the Fisher-Price musical toy as the child starts to flick the eyes from one character to another and absorb the movement. Apart from the eye-hand coordination, the child is also able to enhance the fine motor skills with the Fisher-Price pop up toy as the child learns to slide the switch on or off and turn the dial on the toy.

Intelligence Type: Musical,Logical,Bodily kinesthetic.