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» Terms and Conditions - Toy/Book/Puzzle Rental Service

Delivery schedule

The toys are exchanged weekly or as per the indicated minimum holding period. The day of the week will be fixed by us and will depend on the area you are located in. If you want your delivery rescheduled for whatever reason, we will endeavour to accommodate but cannot provide any guarantee that it shall be done. During the subscription period should you decide to not avail of deliveries for a specific week for whatever reason, and you intimate us in advance about the service postponement, and you should return toys before starting your service postponment.Your unused service will be carried forward. If we do not receive a request for service postponement atleast 2 days in advance, your unused service cannot be carried forward and will be deemed to have lapsed. A failed delivery (if you are not at home at the time of your scheduled delivery) will be treated as a retention. It will be accounted for in the same way as if you were taking a new item for the coming week and will be counted towards your weekly entitlement

Payment of subscription, upgrade and renewal

Toydost offers payment via Cash on Delivery (CoD) /online payment/by check for Weekly toy service. You are required to make payments as soon as your subscription falls due. Toydost may remind you for payment over phone or email as and when it falls due. You may also upgrade your subscription to a higher plan anytime. In case of a downgrade in plan, the remaining amount will be prorated and adjusted against the new plan selected by you. Our prices may change from time to time. We will keep our Website updated to the extent possible. When an order is placed, it will be executed at the price confirmed prior to shipment. The subscribers are requested to keep themselves updated on any changes in price, services, terms and conditions etc on the Website from time to time

Retention of Item(s) Beyond The Minimum Holding Period
You may request for the retention of any item(s) beyond the minimum holding period unless it is new or on demand toy by intimating Toydost atleast 2 days prior to the scheduled return. The maximum extension period is 1 week for regular membership subscribtion (for long term toys holding period will be according to mutual decided period by member and toydost)retention will be accounted for in the same way as if you were taking a new item for the coming week and will be counted towards your weekly entitlement. If you do not intimate us about the toy retention in advance, then Toydost will be entitled to take back the item(s).

Damage or loss

All items delivered to you under subscription are delivered for a specific time period only and are the property of Toydost. All item(s) sent to you are thoroughly checked for good condition prior to dispatch. Upon receipt of the item(s), you must ensure that the same is in good condition. Any anomaly, if found, must be reported to our Toyman. Failure to check and/or report the same will be construed as your having received an item in good condition. Once we receive the item(s) back, our staff at the centre will check it to ensure they are received in satisfactory condition. In the event of an item(s) being damaged, we shall intimate you within 3 business days after the receipt of item(s). The determination of an item being "damaged" will be at the sole discretion of Toydost. Depending on the extent of damage/loss caused, an amount shall be deducted from your Security Deposit which will have to be topped up by you on or before your next due delivery in order to enjoy uninterrupted services.
Some guidelines for deduction against toy damage or loss:
  • Regular wear and tear while usage is acceptable
  • Loss/damage of Instruction sheet, Pawns, Dice, Cards etc. - Rs 25 will be charged per item lost/damaged
  • Loss/damage of Game Book, Puzzle piece, Book page or any other integral part of a toy - Cost of full item will be charged
  • Total loss/damage of item(s) - Toydost is entitled to recover an amount equivalent to the MRP of the item from the subscriber

Cancellation/Termination Of Subscription

If any subscriber decides to cancel his/her subscription, he/she may do so by intimating us over email. Unused subscription may be refunded at our sole discretion. Toydost reserves the right to terminate / cancel your subscription at its sole discretion without providing any reason whatsoever

Refund Of Security Deposit

After termination / cancellation of your subscription, the security deposit shall be returned within 7 working days after receipt of all items in the possession of the subscriber, in satisfactory condition

Product descriptions

Toydost and its affiliates attempt to be as accurate as possible. However, Toydost does not warrant that product descriptions or other contents of this Website are accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. If a product offered by Toydost is not as described, you may return it in unused condition at the time of delivery

Big or Party toys on rent

Each toy in the big toys on rent section has a separate security deposit and a separate rental fee. Ordering big toys work like a standalone order for which the payment has to be made at the time of delivery via Cash on Delivery. The security is refunded back at the time of pick up. For big toy retention beyond the minimum holding period, the rental fee will be pro-rated for the extension period and adjusted from the security deposit amount. All other conditions applicable to Weekly toy service apply for Big toys on rent