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For Age
6-8 years
8-10 years

Product Name : Mapology: Rivers of India construction set
Brand : Others
Product Code : TE18
Gender : Boy,Girl
Product Description :  Mapalogy: Rivers of India is one of the most innovative products of the year which is a construction set, a puzzle and an educational toy packed into one to provide quality play time for your child. Do you know which rivers originate from the Himalayas? Do you know where Ganga and Yamuna meet? Introducing our new addition to Mapology series where you can construct your rivers and add mountains and pour water through them. Identify the right pieces to start make the river or join 2 rivers. You can refer to detailed instruction which provides the correct sequence of pieces to construct a river. Using the connector pieces you can join 2 rivers. Once you are done making all the rivers, place the mountains (Himalayas, Vindhyas, Western Ghats) on the top and pour water into them using the bottle provided to see the water flow through the rivers. The product also comes with name tags for each of the river. Let's make learning geography fun with Mapology: Rivers of India.

Intelligence Type: Logical, Naturalistic Intelligence.